Today, if we want to stay afloat in the market, we have to innovate and find new strategies, and that's just what they do big companies like Amazon. The famous online store is expanding its options, as it will now allow customers to reserve products from Twitter. Available to U.S. and UK a new service that makes use of the famous microblogging network: responding to specific posts with the tag #AmazonCart, users can add the relevant product to your cart on Amazon, and then when entering your portal account may purchase.

Of course to use this service we have to link your Twitter account with Amazon, since otherwise the use of the label does not give the desired result. Another important point: the label should only be used with Twitter posts containing a URL Amazon, otherwise it will not be effective. And we again note that this service does not make the purchase of a product, simply add it to cart, we have to confirm the purchase later from the Amazon website.

In the U.S. the label used is #AmazonCart, but those in the UK have to use #AmazonBasket and referring URLs, all in order to avoid confusion. The company has not yet announced if this service is available in most countries, but we hope so. is a personal technology columnist. writes about computer software, consumer gadgets, New Technology News, Gadgets Review and Much More....
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