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Hadoop: The Software For Processing Large Volumes of Data Platform

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For some time that the "digital expansion" or as some call the "digital tsunami&quo...

How to Change Wi-Fi Password

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Here, we'll learn about  How to Change Wi-Fi Password. Wireless Networking has made it very ea...

How to tell if the version of Linux / Ubuntu installed is 32 or 64 bits

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In this post we will learn how to find out if the version of Linux / Ubuntu you have installed on y...

How To Know If Your Processor is 32 or 64 Bits in Linux/Ubuntu

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Know your processor is 32 or 64 Bits. In this post we will learn how to find out if your processor ...

How Do I Change The IP Address of The Wireless Router TP-LINK?

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How can i change the IP address of the wireless router TP-LINK? This is the most common question am...

How To Make Green Tea - Benefits and Preparation of Green Tea

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Benefits and preparation of green tea and learn to make green tea. The secret of green tea lies in ...

Know Your PF Balance Online

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Check your Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) Balance online. Registered users can view their EP...

How to Check PF Balance

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How to Check PF Balance for India: EPFO launched a facility to enable its over 5 crore subscri... Booking Website Down and Not Working After Click Paynow

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As we all know, India's cheapest smartphone booking has been started from 18th, Feb 2016 by 6:0...

How To Check Internet Balance in Idea

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Tips to Check Internet Balance in Idea. Some time t's difficult to check internet balance in idea. IDEA is one of the leading telecom ...

WordPress Updated automatically to WordPress 4.4.1

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Since WordPress 4.4.1 was released, Many users are questioning why their sites have automatically ...

How to choose a Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog and Website

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How to choose a Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog and Website ? We try to answer Themes have ...

Atal Pension Yojana (APY) - Details, Benefits, Eligibility & How to apply

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Atal Pension Yojna (APY) Overview The Government of India has announced a new scheme called A...