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You use your smartphone for everything from entertainment to managing your finances, so why not also use it to help lower your energy bill? By using the five smartphone apps on this list, you can keep track of how much energy you are really using and come up with some innovative ways to help cut your costs — and live a greener lifestyle.
1. Leafully (free)

This free app connects directly to your account with your energy company to do the math about where you are using energy and how you can minimize your use of resources. To use the app, you must log in with your Facebook account, after which it allows you to see an overview of your usage; trends over time; calculator; and ways to save. Leafully converts the amount of energy you use into trees saved, which makes it easy to visualize and fun for kids to use, too.

2. EnergySaver ($9.99)

EnergySaver, available for both Apple and Android platforms, allows you to make profiles for all of your appliances (electric, natural gas, and water) as well as your average energy rates, then uses this information to calculate where you're using the most energy and how you can save, as well as to decrease wear and tear on your appliances.

Want to swap out the lightbulbs in your home for energy efficient versions? This Apple and Android app allows you to match the type of fixtures you have in your home with the type of lighting you're looking for and finds you the most energy efficient bulbs within your criteria. And as if that wasn't easy enough, you can order bulbs directly from the app.

This app, developed by the Touchstone Energy Corporation, allows you to choose a category of home appliance or fixture (light bulbs, appliances, heaters, and more) and figure out how much energy each is using and how much you can save by making some easy changes. It can also alert you when a specific element of your home is using an unprecedented amount of energy. 

5. Wiser EMS (free)
This iPhone and iPad app uses colorful, creative, and easy to read infographics to display the energy usage in your home. Not only do you get specific insight into your usage, but you can figure out how specific actions can save you money and energy.

In addition to these apps, look into the apps available directly from your utility companies. Many now have features that can help you analyze your usage and cut your bills. For more ideas for energy efficiency visit Modernize.

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