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Candy Crush The Most Downloaded App in 2013-14. Candy Crush remains a success overshadows anyone: some pay from time to time to take aid and other neurons are squeezed to get to the end without paying for a life, but one way or another every day millions of people engage the King game.We can not tell you how to pass each levels Candy Crush, but there are some tricks you can keep in mind to go forward. We will review a set of guidelines that will be useful. Lucky break candy! Here we're going to show top 10 tips After getting huge response of our last post Did you check these TOP Tricks Forever For Candy Crush Saga?

How to cheat in candy crush and How to play candy crush:

Time is on your side Remember Candy Crush has no time limit. Not you rush when making any move. In the early levels, which are easier, calm fail to learn the game mechanics, combinations of candies and others; from the difficulty level 30 and hit upload any hasty decision may cost level. 

Do not listen to the suggestions of moving the game. Tend to be bad plays do not just help you win.

Start from the bottom up is usually better idea to start destroying candies bottom of the screen. Falling do more candy on top, and that will allow you to find new combinations. 

Learn how to achieve special sweets and sácales game. There are three types of special candies. The first and most common is the striped candy, which removes a column or row as their are horizontal or vertical stripes; these are obtained by scoring four candies online. According to that line either vertically or horizontally, so it will be candy stripes (and its effect). The second is the candy wrapper: to do have to get together five or six candies in the form of T, L, or if cross chain reaction. These candies cause two consecutive explosions 3x3 boxes. Finally are color bombs, achieved five candies online or with a line of five with two adjacent either of said line candy. The color bombs remove all candies of the same color as the one with whom we exchange (although they can not be included in combinations with other candies). 

Board special effects to achieve great candy. A candy striped candy wrapped added to create a giant candy stripes destroy three rows and three columns. Mixing a color bomb with a candy striped converts all color striped candy new candy stripes explode in all directions. Check out this other article that we provide a list of all combinations of special candies Candy Crush. 

Keep an eye on the chocolate If you destroy a piece of chocolate, not expand on thatturn!; not advance where it has cherries or hazelnuts, and always avoid eating special candies unless no other choice left. If you consider these rules will keep him in line and try to "steer" to remove expansion ASAP. 

Do not let the gelatin reaches the edges. Candies edge and corners are the least likely to move, making it more difficult to achieve combinations. Destroy the jelly before you get there; when a piece of gelatin in these positions destroy it as soon as you can. 

Spin the wheel every day. Gifts roulette are cumulative, so even if you're not playing today take a minute to go in and spin the wheel to see what you're up. 

If you need extra life quickly ... well, you can always change the clock on the phone (with wifi turned off so that the game does not synchronize with the server). This little trick will not help you to pass the level, but you can save some expected. 

Beware of applications and pages that promise bonuses and unlimited lives. Many of them are just a hook to introduce harm on your phone or computer! Moreover, they could shut your account for cheating and you would have to start from scratch with another ... is a personal technology columnist. writes about computer software, consumer gadgets, New Technology News, Gadgets Review and Much More....
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