The applications that come pre-installed on Android for telephony are basic, if you want to squeeze a little more the potential of your mobile, I leave my T op 5 of applications for telephony.

  1. TouchPal Contacts 
  2. Handcent sms
  3. RefreshMe
  4. Call Confirm
  5. Missed Call / SMS Alert

Then a little more extensive information about each of these applications:

TouchPal Contacts

This application, like most of its kind, is a 2 × 1, integrating the list of contacts and the calling application, installed on our mobile three direct hits, one that directly opens the call screen, a second opening the contact and the third is configurable.

Click Here to download the application from Google Play

Handcent sms

How simple is often best; SMS manages and when they receive one, displays a window with its content and options to reply, delete, and close; also makes it interesting, that will show an option that reads voice, the message content.

Click Here to download the application from Google Play


"Leave me a paper and pen, please" classic phrase when we're on the phone and we will give an address, claim number, or just something you do not want to forget. Get past the pen and paper, you have in hand the latest technology, and RefreshMe, you'll score data while talking; the application places a few icons on the call screen, so you can open a mini-notebook, see the history of letters / calls the current number.

Click Here to download the application from Google Play

Call Confirm

How many times have called a number by accident? We are reviewing the list of contacts and we miss her finger and before we know it, and the call is being made. This application is simple and straightforward, all he does is, before making the call, display a window with the phone (the picture too, if so configured) and options to call and cancel. It is noteworthy that the TouchPal Contacts application has integrated security measure similar to Call Confirm, simply configure it.

Click Here to download the application from Google Play

Missed Call / SMS Alert

This application can not miss! More than once happened to me, I expect a call, not only do not hear, I hear they have not called me, and hours later I see five missed calls! With this application you will not pass this, you can configure how often warns you a call or SMS, the tone used, the volume, you can even tell if the phone is silent (you can also set quiet hours)

Soon a thorough review of each application.

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