Content managers also known as CMS for its acronym in English, Here we are going to discuss some of the top 2017 Content Management System for Blogging and Websites. the task or goal of CMS is to allow can not only create but also gives you the ability to manage each of them depending on the type of page or website where you want to publish. Many individuals already use CMS for ease of handling compared to traditional design code. Even online businesses have gone content managers, as it can be a web design agency or company seo positioning for corporate blogs.

Usually when we create an online business we have a kind of problem with the content, publications, images or comments that we share, either in social networks, websites or blogs.

All that kind of information may become for us a terrible headache, so it is important that we know and we have with us tools that allow us to control the creation and publication of them.

How content managers work?

Content managers work through these platforms work through an interface with which control databases where the same site or space is housed in the network. Thus allows to create and manage content. 

These platforms offer to the public or users use different options such as edit, manage or control. As the case and the need to be present within the production of content that will be created as to be used.

Thus, many people employ the use of these content management systems in order to make the process of production and upgrading sites much easier, without employing the use of algorithms or programming language that not everyone has the option learn or understand.

What benefits managers get content?

These are some of the most important advantages we have when we use a CMS:

  • Save time: one of the best advantages of using these managers is that we have the opportunity to save time in creating, editing and content management. No need to use other tools to do so.
  • Ease: content managers have the huge advantage that can be used by people without having knowledge in areas of language programming. The interface is made for users to employ a tool with which they can find everything they need right on one click and easiest way.
  • Creation: as already mentioned the CMS allow people even without programming skills have the opportunity to create from scratch its contents unaided and how they want.
  • Design: Another of the many advantages that come with content management systems is that you can choose design templates. Among many that are to be chosen according to your needs or tastes. No need not know about programming or design to have a really aesthetic and powerful web space, which is very important.

Another of the many advantages is that you have the possibility of trabajer SEO with them. Recall that for a website, whatever it is, is visible in Google takes work and positioning to achieve the traffic you need.

What kind of content management systems would be top in 2017 Year?

Here is a brief list of the managers of major contents and you have at your disposal:

  1. WordPress: the number one place occupies the most important platform we have in this regard. This platform not only allows users to create blog, but also very functional web pages. Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 

  2. Magento: is a content management system most often used for the purpose of creating online stores. This platform allows to be created from the needs and tastes of people. Its popularity has grown, not only because it allows the creation, but also because it provides SEO optimized which we ensure that our store occupy top positions within the search results. Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 

  3. Prestashop: this is another also very popular for those looking for a space in which to create their online shopping platform. Unlike magento, these online stores are much simpler, are used mainly by entrepreneurs. Its interface is simple but functional and also ideal start with a business idea. Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 

  4. Drupal: our fourth position is occupied content management systems Drupal. This CMS unlike the aforementioned aims to manage communities, is ideal for creating discussion forums on topics or ideal to create and manage their own social network.This is a platform that although they do not consider at the moment is a tool that can be very useful when using it to reinforce the position.Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 

  5. Blogger: even today are still using this platform for content management, was one of the first to make online presence. Its usage is free and fairly simple, so creating content does not generate any problems.Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 

  6. Joomla: sixth place is occupied precisely Joomla, is widely used by people worldwide, allowing the creation of good websites. In which, improved website using flash for some presentations and search sites is possible.Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 

  7. LiveJournal: dedicated to all people who do not have all the required experience in managing websites. This CMS enables both iconectar blog depending on your theme, and the classification thereof. A great advantage of this type of content management systems is that it allows you to publish and share content in different existing websites, social networks and blogs.Visit Wkipedia For More Information. 
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  1. I think wordpress is the best and popular in now days among these all. Isn't it?

    1. Yes, And Magento is for e-commerce. The best ever.

  2. Many of these are much powerful than wordpress, but a developer, joomla or drupal would be much better choice but us, who tends to develop our own setup without much knowledge about coding and all, for us, WordPress feels really easy for the job..