Whatsapp top secret features
Whatsapp likely to come soon for voice calling services is growing. The mobile messaging app featuring voice calling for a new screen shots of the app has been leaked on the Internet. The screen shot of the website has been leaked Android World. This website is believed Whatsapp voice calling feature and layout of the text has been given to everyone. Whatsapp about using this type of information being given any special has not been confirmed. But however will determine the feature. Delimela's report will create new market for Whatsapp this feature is also determined.

Do you know How to install Whatsapp on PC/Laptop? Whatsapp as popular as its features are good, but people can not easily be used. Tricks of Whatsapp was told about a few days ago. Being here today to talk about some of the features about which you'd hardly know.

How-to use Whatsapp without the use of any number

Whatsapp top secret features

You can use any number Whatsapp without. For this you have to follow these simple steps.
  1. Uninstall before WhatsApp Android phone.
  2. Whatsapp  re-download and install.
  3. Then his phone messaging service in each block. Keep her on the phone in flight mode and will block messaging service.
  4. The number of open Whatsapp Delete, accept Whatsapp number will not be able to send a verification message.
  5. Whatsapp verification is currently being rescued, users will be able to use it, Whatsapp verification you ask the other way. 'Verify through SMS' option and click on the delete e-mail addresses. When you click on the Send button, click Cancel within 2 seconds, the authorization process will stop.
  6. Users will need another app spoofs text message.
  7. Details will have to pay some of the app. Will be able to use the details given below.
  8. The text message will need to be spoofs other app users.
  9. Details to be filled in some of the app, it will be able to use the following details.

To: +447900347295
From: + (country code) (phone number)
Message: user e-mail addresses
 10. Now that your message will be sent to a number spoofs and using your Friends can work with a           number of these spoofs.

Auto Download Media Settings for incoming media

Select an option according to your facility and with the use of mobile data Stay connected with WiFi, the work can be done when you're on roaming.

Whatsapp top secret features

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