iOS is the preferred choice for its users and developers alike.  iOS provides a phenomenal user experience and provides the ability to various apps to communicate seamlessly.  For the patrons of iOS 8 we have compiled a list of tricks and trips which will enhance their experience of using Apple product.

iOS Tips and Tricks you should know -TechnoGupShup

1. Clear selected browsing history

In the earlier versions of iOS you could either delete the browsing history of Safari browser entirely or you would have to retain the entire history. With iOS 8 you can delete selected parts of the history. For deleting only selected parts of history you can go to the history menu and tap on clear at the bottom right, you will have the option of deleting everything from past hour or past day and if you want you can delete single items swiping over it.

2. Customizable mail management options

Apple intends to provide a powerful mobile email client.  In iOS 8 it provides improved customizable menu. You can customize the swiping function according to preference. In Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars >Swipe Options you can easily add buttons to flag, archive or mark as read that can appear on either side of the screen.

3. Enhanced Notification banner

It’s always a big turn off when you have to leave the app when any notification pop’s up. With the enhanced notification banner you get a pair of options that allow you to quickly take action without leaving the app you are using. You can either tap on the app when it pops up or flick it away but when you pull it down it won’t open the notification centre.

4. Do not Disturb feature

You are working on some important assignment and suddenly your phone starts buzzing indiscriminately every now and then with new messages, with the iOS 8 version you can click on details button and turn on do not disturb button.  Now you won’t be interrupted by your phone lighting up with every new message and you can even choose to leave a conversation discretely.

5. Explore local apps

With iOS 8 you can explore local apps that are popular in your area. When you click on the explore tab you get an expanded list of local favourite apps and you can find these apps based on their category. Whether you are looking for a local bakery or a cab service provider, this feature will help you easily locate them in your vicinity.

6. Editing photos  

If you wish to adjust the brightness of your photo or enhance the contrast, iOS 8 has smart way of doing so through iPhoto as it provides sliders and adjusters to fine tune your photos as per your preference. You can tap on the Edit button to adjust the exposure, brightness, contrast and composition.

7. Time Travel Notifications

Whenever you add an appointment in your calendar you don’t take into consideration the time taken to travel to the place of the appointment, with iOS you can add approximate travel time to the calendar based on location. Through Travel Time option you can add up to 2 hours of travel time in your calendar.  This will help you get informed about the time when you should leave for the appointment to avoid getting late.

8. Battery Usage Statistics

This feature will help you identify the apps which are draining your battery. You can go to Settings>General> Usage to find a new Battery Usage menu which will give you statistics for usage and standby. It will give you the battery draining percentage by app to help you decide which app is suitable for your usage for battery to last longer.

9. Lock Screen Notifications

iOS 8 gives you more flexibility with locked screen as it allows you to swipe left on a lock-screen and get same interactive options you get in the home screen as delete, mark as unread or even reply with unlocking.  This interactive locked screen notification is a step ahead of the previous versions.

10. Raise to listen

This feature allows you to listen and reply to incoming audio message by raising the phone to your ear.  This feature can be found in Settings>Message and will work as if you are listening to a phone call.

11. Auto- Erasing Text Messages

If you find erasing all the previous text messages as a cumbersome job then you can set the messages to expire in 30 days or a year.  You can easily change the settings through Settings>Messages>Keep Message.

12. Hide Photos

If you want to hide any photo from your camera roll, with iOS 8 you can tap and hold on a photo to hide. The photo will only be hidden from the camera roll and but not from any associated albums. This gives you more control over what you want to view in your camera roll.

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