Are you a regular facebook user? Then FB chatting is something you can’t be away from and chatting becomes much more interesting and interactive with smart looking emotions provided by the company only for entertaining loyal social networkers like you! There is a huge selection of such smileys in the website that can bring out bets emotions while you are conversing with your friends and also adds a personal touch to your message. These little symbols can add much fun to the chat and can make your private messages look even more expressive and touched with emotions. Click Here - Most Popular Facebook Smiley Emoticon or Status Code

New Faccebook Chat Emotions and Symbols

Smileys or Emoticons (as they are popularly known) justify their names to the best extent possible because they truly express your emotions and depict exactly what is going inside your mind while you are chatting with someone you know. There is an “emoji” for every emotion that a person can undergo while a conversation is on for example you have a smiley if you wish to express a dizzy face or a smiling face or even screaming in fear face! Sometimes when you are chatting your might not wish to write anything but simply express what is there in your mind and it is at this point, the smileys come into play. Simply click on the one that you wish to send and see the effect! If you find your friend in low mood, send him or her a smiley of cheer and cheer him or her up. You may also tell your friend with a simple small emoticon whether you are happy, sad, angry, feeling low, feeling like crying, smiling, bursting into tears and many more.  Sometimes we really run out of words and cannot write anything as chat text and it is at this point you will find a emoticon doing its job of expressing your heart out to the other person.Here are the Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Check out the several smileys you can get on FB like offering a cup of coffee to your friends, or expressing the weather through smileys, or even stars or snow apart from animals like horses, snakes, monkey etc. There are symbols like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers in different directions, hands fisted or waving, thumbs up or down, clapping hands, folded hands, victory signs, raised hands, and many more. You may get several other pictures like baby, man, woman, police officer, woman with blond hair, woman with bunny years, man with turban, construction workers, old woman, alien, alien monster, Devil, angel, ghost, dancer, etc. If you are chatting with female friends you may also impress them with several cosmetic smileys like lipstick, nail art, or even with bouquet of flowers, warm hearts, glowing hearts, sparkling hearts, or sometimes even with a broken heart. Click to explorer 2015 New Fresh Facebook Chat Smileys Facebook Chat Emoticons Facebook Status Codes.

There are several other emotions that you can express through several smileys FB has designed for you. For example you can converse with your friend and express your love with couple with heart which shows that you want to take the friendship one step ahead. Sometimes if the chatting goes a bit in a different way, you may also send anger veins which shows that you are not at all comfortable with the conversation at all. Send a strong muscle bicep emoticon to to tell your friends that you are now a regular gym visitor, or ask you friend to call you with a similar signed emoticon. Send your friends a bunch of flowers without even sending a word in text and make him or her happy enough to make FB chatting a regular affair. If you are trying to wish your friend during any occasion like Christmas or New Year, stop texting and send a emoticon instead in order to make the wish even more warm and full of your true feelings. If you are unable to send your friend a gift in real life, use emoticons in order to send whatever you want to without even spending a penny and FB ensures that the true emotions along with the gift smiley would reach to him or her immediately. What can be better than this? We found one of the great Facebook Hidden Phone Book  Hidden Fact for your. Just take a look into this

So what are you waiting for? Click Here for New Facebook Chat Symbol Emoticons List Simply open your machine and start chatting with your friends with the appropriate emoticon to express what you wish to depict to them. These smileys not only make the chat transcript look colorful and vibrant but also can make them even more interactive for both the sender and the receiver. Thankfully we have atleast 1000 of such emoticons in FB from where you can choose the one that suits your conversations and can send them at each occasion. So now make your chats with your friends even more colorful with smileys and ensure that every time you press a button for the smiley, that brings huge grin on your friends face and makes the interaction even more interesting. 

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