As we discussed, how to change gmail password in last post. Here, we'll learn about How to Change Wi-Fi Password. Wireless Networking has made it very easy for one and all to use Wi-Fi when at home. Wi-Fi password needs to be changed again and again because of big security reasons. This article will narrate you how you can change the password of your Wi-Fi connection and keep your bandwidth safe and tenable. In this article of mine, I am going to write about changing of Wi-Fi password for its safe keeping.

How to Change Wi-Fi Password

Log on to the organization page of your router
Open the configuration page of your router and then enter the standard address of the router in the address bar of the same browser. If entering the standard router address does not open the configuration page, please open the command prompt and check the IP configuration by entering ipconfig. Find the router address by observing the active association. If you are still not able to find the standard address, then better find the default address by resetting the router.

Enter the name and password
Every router has got their default username and password. If you have changed it and then forgot, then please reset your router by long pressing the reset button and find out the default credentials. Log into the router using those new credentials.

Unlock the Wireless sector. 
After getting inside the router open the section for wireless settings. If you have multiple subsections then click on to open the Wireless Security page.

Change your network name. 
Never keep your router with the default name. Because almost all the routers have got similar default names and people can easily access into your Wi-Fi using the default router name. Instead, change the router name and keep a different one. Make sure you keep on changing the router name frequently so that even if anyone has got the password would not be able to access your Wi-Fi for long.

Change the password.
In the box labeled as “Password”, please enter your new password. If needed for reconfirmation of the same, then carefully type it again in the next box. Make sure that the password that you enter is really strong and tough to guess. Do not forget to include special characters like @, #, $ and make sure that the password consists of 8 characters.

Enable Network Encryption
Out of the encryptions never go for WEP encryption. Because it  can easily be broken down. People can very easily find out your password if you are using the WEP encryption. The most protected encryption type is the WPA2. It is difficult to crack a password protected with this encryption. But if there occurs any kind of connection problem, then you can switch to WPA.

Save your Changes. 
After changing your user id and password just save the changes by clicking the ‘Save’ or ‘Apply Changes’ button. It will take some time to save the changes. Once the changes are saved, then all the systems and gadgets connected to your network will be disconnected. Once all the devices are disconnected, just reconnect your device by using the new user id and password.

Trim down the Range of the Signal
Keep the router’s mode as 802.11g to reduce the range of your Wi-Fi network. Because by doing so you will stop your neighbours in reaching to your network. Try casing the antenna using any foil so that at least the signals can be restricted to some extent.
Instead of upsetting about the encryptions you can also just paint your walls using the Anti-Wi-Fi paints. Because by doing so the signals will get soak up by the wall and cannot go out of your house. This way you can secure your Wi-Fi from getting used by your neighbours.

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