Moto G4 Plus: Pros & cons 

The American handset maker, Motorola has launched its 4th generation Moto G smartphone with co-branding from its parent company Lenovo. This is not only the first co-branded Moto device but also brings a lots of first to the Moto Line up. The handset maker has not only changed the design of the device but for the first time a Moto G device comes with a metal chassis albeit with a flimsy back panel. However, the handset has been received very well in the country and is already selling quite well. In case you are planning to buy a new device and have your heart set on Moto G4 Plus, take a look at these pros and cons of the handset, which will help you decide better.

Moto G4 Plus – Reasons to Buy

16 Megapixels rear camera

It seems that the American handset brand has been pressurised by the increasing competition from Chinese brands and we could not be happier. This time around, the handset maker has opted for a high-end 16 Megapixels primary snapper on the rear panel of the device. This is to counter the competition posed by Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and also have the best camera in the budget segment. The user interface of the camera has also been retained from stock Android with an easy to use manual mode for better control over camera aspects.

Stock Android Operating System

Since the brand was brought by Google, one of the key highlight of Moto devices have been the near stock Android operating system and that has been continued even after it was taken over by Lenovo. Apart from a few bloatware from Motorola, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system is completely stock making it an easy to use handset. Moto G devices also happen to be one of the first handsets to get the latest updates from Google and G4 Plus is no exception. If you are into pure Android experience and love to stay up to date, this one is for you.

Fingerprint scanner

Again as counter-measure against competition, Motorola has decided to equip the new handset with a much sought after technology. Motorola Moto G4 Plus is the first smartphone in the entire lineup of the brand to come with a touch fingerprint scanner. While the fingerprint scanner is located on the front panel in form of home button, it does not function as an actual home button so that takes some getting used to. 

Fast Charging

As if having a good 3000 mAh battery was not enough for the brand, it has now gone ahead and equipped the handset with fast charging. Therefore, the user can be assured that they would not be running out of battery fast and even if they do, Motorola has made sure it charges back up as fast. It is a nice combination to have for those who love to be on their smartphone for longer durations.

Moto G4 Plus – Reasons not to Buy


This comes as a sucker to most of use but for some reason, Motorola has decided to chuck off NFC when it launched Moto G4 Plus. Being the future of connectivity and online payment, it might turn out to be a deal breaker for many a user. We personally feel that Motorola should have kept NFC for obvious reasons.

Limited functionality of fingerprint scanner

While the handset does feature a fast fingerprint scanner, which is great to use and recognises fingerprint from any angle it does have its own niggles. To begin with, Motorola has not incorporated any setting to associated any other tasks to be triggered with the scanner like taking pictures with a tap or launch a certain app using fingerprint. This means that the scanner on Moto G4 Plus can only be used to unlock the handset. Moreover, it is not even a working home button and you would still have to rely on on-screen capacitive touchscreen to use home button.

No water-resistance

This comes as another shocker to Moto Loyalist but the best Moto G smartphone till is missing one of the highlight of entire Moto series. The decision to switch to metal chassis and flimsy plastic back has costed Moto G4 Plus the water-resistance that its predecessor were known for. This might be a serious deal breaker for many Moto G users who are looking for an upgrade.

There it is! These are the major advantages and disadvantages of buying Moto G4 Plus that there is and should be able to help you with your decision. Look out for works for you and what does not and make an informed purchase decision. is a personal technology columnist. writes about computer software, consumer gadgets, New Technology News, Gadgets Review and Much More....
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