Big Data : 

Big Data understand how all those systems that are capable of capturing, storing, sharing, analysis and visualization of them. The current trend is that more data is generated, as we headed to what we might call the "Internet of Things" (IoT, by its acronym in English) where any device is or will be connected to the Internet and can generate amount susceptible to being stored and processed information.

The problem arises when that amount of information is so great that, on the one hand the storage is in traditional databases, and other processing with traditional data warehouse systems would be very expensive and besides having limited scalability. We met lots of information which is difficult to store in a traditional system based on SQL tables.

We should note also that because of their disparate origins, the data are not subject to a previous scheme and often not structured.

Customers have the need to work and analyze such information with the least possible and Flytech have the appropriate solutions for this purpose cost. We have specific platforms dedicated to the storage of Big Data and platforms for analysis as Apache Hadoop-based Cloudera.

Hadoop : 

Hadoop: The Software For Processing Large Volumes of Data Platform Apache Hadoop is an open platform with support for distributed applications. It allows us to work with Big Data for analysis based on a MapReduce model, model used and released by Google for parallel processing of large volumes of data programming. It is further complemented by a distributed file system called HDFS to manage information on cluster computing data.
Hadoop is oriented to the analysis of large volumes of data, not so much the search results in real time.

Hadoop works using standard servers and architectures simple network thinking through the parallelization of work and the concept of "share nothing" where data is replicated near the site of processing, no large storage systems are used for data processing networks or costly, since data traffic at specific moments occur both in loading data in the cluster and transmitting the previously computed results.

Flytech has the tools, the hardware platform and knowledge to advise customers about the best solution for leveraging Big Data. We have solutions to adapt to the different scenarios that we can find.

Unlike other companies, Flytech seeks to provide a fully open, scalable and independent solution to any manufacturer. Thus we are to avoid packaged solutions at a high price, and broad enough to not generate dependency relationships with our customers.

We can adapt to solutions that processing capacity is more critical. We even offer solutions where the most critical element is the management of files greater capacity, and not the number of processes on the data.

Companies are aware of the potential offered them a large amount of data available to improve decision-making, improve supply to its customers and improve customer service among other things. It is therefore imperative to have a technology partner as Flytech, to address this new challenge obtain performance one of the most important assets such as the information, at the lowest possible cost.

Supermicro solutions for Hadoop :

In the utilization of the análisi large data, it is no longer a question of when, but how it is used. Companies that implement Hadoop solutions need high performance and scalable and reliable infrastructure. These measures do spend a lot of resources in search of the best architecture and best provider to make this possible.

Supermicro server solutions for Hadoop are certified, both the storage, networking, software and services and implementing a truly scalable infrastructure for Big Data.

Supermicro Hadoop Cluster Solution
(Up to 1.15 PB Storage and 9 TB Memory)


Diseñado para crecer en el futuro agregando servidores o más clusters

El mejor precio/rendimiento y precio/capacidad con las principales plataformas de servidores y almacenamiento

Arquitectura avanzadabasada en las últimas tecnologías. e.g Xeon E5-2600 v3, SAS3, NYMe

Cluster Building Blocks

Data Fabric
Supermicro 10GbE Switch (1-2)
• 48 port 10G SFP+/10GBase-T

Management Network
Supermicro 1GbE Switch (1)

Management Node
Supermicro Intelligent Management
Supermicro SuperServer 1U UP Xeon

Hadoop Name Nodes
Supermicro SuperServer (3)
1U DP Xeon E5-2600 v3
Hardware RAID, Redundant Power

Hadoop Data Nodes
Supermicro TwinPro or FatTwin (34)
2U-4U Xeon E5-2600 v3, dual 10GbE

Supermicro SuperRack
42U rack con Metered PDUs

Incluye personalización completa de clúster, burn-in y testing, actualizaciones BIOS y Firmware. configuraciones de network, pre-instalación de las distribuiciones de Hadoop incluyendo Cloudera y Hortonworks
Supermicro Hadoop Cluster Solution Offerings

• PoC Cluster
• High Capacity Cluster
• IO Optimized Cluster
• High Density Compute Cluster
• Large Memory & Storage Cluster
• Balanced Cluster
• Large Memory Cluster

PoC ClusterHigh Capacity ClusterIO Optimized ClusterHigh Density Compute ClusterLarge Memory and Storage ClusterBalanced ClusterLarge Memory/Dual 10G Cluster
Model / SKUSRS-14TP08-HADP-01SRS-42SG18-HADP-01SRS-42SG18-HADP-02SRS-42FT36-HADP-01SRS-42FT36-HADP-02SRS-42TP36-HADP-01SRS-42TP34-HADP-02
Data Node8181836363634
Form Factor2U TwinPro2U SSG4U FatTwin2U TwinPro
E5-2630 v3
E5-2630 v3
E5-2650 v3
E5-2680 v3
E5-2650 v3
E5-2630 v3
E5-2650 v3
6x 3.5" Bays16x 3.5" Bays24x 2.5" Bays8x 3.5" Bays8x 3.5" Bays6x 3.5" Bays12x 2.5" Bays
Total Data Drive48288432288288216408
Total Cores128288360864720576680
Total Memory512GB1152GB2304GB4608GB9216GB2304GB8704GB
Total Storage96TB (2TB)1.15PB (4TB)432TB (1TB)576TB (2TB)1.15PB (4TB)432TB (2TB)408TB (1TB)
Name Node2x 1U WIO3x 1U WIO3x 1U WIO3x 1U WIO3x 1U WIO3x 1U WIO3x 1U WIO
Management Node1x 1U WIO1x 1U WIO1x 1U WIO1x 1U WIO1x 1U WIO1x 1U WIO1x 1U WIO
Switches1x 24PT GbE1x 48PT GbE1x 48PT GbE1x 48PT GbE
1x 48PT 10GBase-T
1x 48PT10G SFP+
2x 48PT 10G SFP+
Cabinet (WxHxD)14U
23.5x 82.4x 48
PDU1x2U 30A2x 50A 208 3-Phase Metered PDU
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