vodafone online bill paymentAs a customer of Vodafone pleased to find different ways for you to make the payment of an outstanding bill. For example, you can do it from the comfort of your home if you access your private area My Vodafone from your bank transfer etc.. We tell you what they are and how you can achieve them.

1. From your private area My Vodafone 

vodafone online bill payment
Because Vodafone customer you hold a private area from which you can perform a large number of free steps such as managing voice mail, view your past invoices and, of course, make payments that will help you have to update your account. To make a payment from My Vodafone follow these steps:

  • Sign in with your username and password. If you have no password, you can register from here .
  • Once you have accessed see paragraph Billing, payments outstanding.
  • You appear to pay the outstanding information you have and when. To make payment click the Make Payment button.
  • You can late payment with your credit card. Follow the steps that tell you to complete the process.

2. Debit or credit card

  • You can pay with your credit card. have two options: do it from My Vodafone as mentioned in the previous point or call 607 100 700 (toll free if you do it from your Vodafone) and from there payment. In the event that your line was deactivated it is re-enabled in the next 4 hours.

3. Cash

  • Another way of doing this is by payment in cash at any branch of Vodafone. To do this, make a deposit into this account of Vodafone. In six hours you will receive an SMS confirming that you have received your payment and activate your line so you can continue using it.

4. Bank Transfer

  • If you would prefer not to move any office you can do from your online bank account from your bank transfer to the following account of Banco Santander: 0049-1500-02-2910080785(Different in all country. Confirm before transfer)
  • If you make the transfer on a weekday, over 24 hours, you have to get an SMS informing you that Vodafone has received payment and your line is reactivated. 
  • If, however, the transfer you make in a nonworking day, the reactivation of the line will occur on the first working day.(Please note your country and state before transfer amount from your account)

vodafone online bill paymentRemember that ...
In the event that you get a return receipt to Vodafone, a charge will be made in the bill for return receipt. The amount varies depending on the amount payable on the invoice:

Individuals: 20 € bills or above 10 €
Companies 30 € for bills or above 10 €
If you need more information about this topic, do not forget to consult the help section of Vodafone . Also, for more specific cases you can receive personalized attention in Vodafone Forum .

For Official Website of Vodafone : Click Here And Chose Your Country and Get Started

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