Candy Crush, the popular game on Facebook and smartphone, has already won millions of players worldwide. Here are some tips to ensure victory...

Candy Crush: tips and tricks from the pros to win
Candy Crush: tips and tricks from the pros to win

Collect candies of the same color seems to be a breeze! And yet, the famous game Candy Crush requires a true reflection. If he managed to conquer 45 million users worldwide, is that, like candy, this game is particularly addictive. The goal: to bring candies of the same color to make them disappear. But the game gets tough over the levels and the number of authorized travel is restricted. So we must be resourceful to reach the end of the challenges. And to do this, here are some tips provided by experts on specialized sites.

First, it is essential to start from the bottom, to achieve a "cascade effect" with candy coming from the top. Then do not neglect the other bonuses and multicolored balls activated by certain configurations and that provide access to higher levels. This trick, performed by the "combos" align four or more sweets, you can earn special sweets and even delete entire rows.

In addition to sweets, the player is faced with the gelatin should be eliminated. To overcome, better to start with the sides. If this is not possible, review your strategy. Similarly, master chocolate is a difficult task. To prevent its progression, it is preferable to use a striped candy that will erase or so to create a combo by substituting the square of chocolate with a candy of the appropriate color.

Earn lives without using Facebook? It's possible. Just change the time and date settings on your iPhone and advance the time of two hours. A technique that will earn you four new lives!

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