How to choose a Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog and Website? We try to answer

Themes have long been in trend, especially after the blogging revolution. If you sign up for a personal blog for free from free blog hosting service provider, you have the liberty to choose from pre-defined and default themes with them. A simple theme works well, if you are not a professional blogger and that you do blogging for a hobby. But the moment your blog migrates its focus from personal to professional, you require an up-lift on your image. That means if you are targeting more audiences, receive massive amounts of daily traffic and offer any service for a cost, it becomes an utmost important for you to pay for a theme.

How to choose a Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

A professional theme works really well – it’s not just tells your audiences that you are professional, but also that you want to give them a smooth, hassle-free and user friendly navigation experience.

When it comes to choosing a theme for your blog – be it personal or professional – you require to understand that the theme need to be focused around the core content theme of your blog. There are other important things to consider as well.
Let us tell you–

Need for a Responsive Theme – The need for a responsive theme is important if your audiences are usually the folks that access your blog from handheld devices. A responsive theme makes it really hassle-free for your blog to get accessed by any type of devices – be it desktop, laptop and a smart phone or any type of handheld devices. A responsive them adjust itself according to the device and makes it uniquely accessible for your audiences to view it. A responsive theme is even important if your audiences need to make a purchase using shopping cart software. Click to know 2015 Top Free Content Management System for Designer and Developer

The theme should be user-friendly – When choosing a theme for your blog, it is important for you to choose a theme that is user friendly. The term user friendly necessarily refers to a theme that can be accessed by your audiences without having to worry about anything. The navigate system, the process to shift from a page to the other, etc., need to be simple. Check some Free PSD Templates Here

The theme should have social media integration facility – A theme should have its social media system properly installed. That means your blog should have the necessary functions available so that you can easily share the content of your blog with your audience. Social media applications need to be easily installed.

The theme should have widget install feature – The blog needs to have its proper widget system install feature. That means you should be able to integrate a number of features such as changing colors, theme graphics, social media feature, and traffic feature analysis feature etc. Good themes are usually those that are good.

There are many other measures to help you choose a blog theme that works. While we talk about the rest, if you have any ideas about theme install and design features, please comment.
Below are the some links where you can find marvelous themes for your work-

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